I’ve been a New Englander all my life; grew up in Connecticut and schooled in New Hampshire which I never left and currently enjoy both the mountains and the sea. I grew up in a small town with open spaces; many woods, fields, brooks and hills to explore. I spent a lot of time outside in imagined far away places of summer kingdoms and winter ice fortresses that were no further than a mile from home. I believe it was this sort of environment that kept me drawn to nature later in life. Going to school at the University of New Hampshire only led to further adventures in the White Mountains, supporting the creative spirit. As I explored I become more and more aware of the apparent arrangement of natural elements; the shapes, shadows and interplay of color. Picking up photography was at first a way to record the things I was observing. I wanted to share and express what I had found. Photography was the medium. As I have developed more skills and more command of the technical components, I seek what other photographers do, traveling around during the odd hours of dusk and dawn, the golden hours, looking for the light that fascinates. It’s also a time of solitude to witness nature’s various moods and feel the thrill of a moment in time coming to an apex and then fleeting. Photography taught me to find the beauty in the quiet gloom of a cool damp fog, in the weathered, old and isolate, and to make order out of the chaos. Always at the core of everything I capture is what I feel to be a beauty of being; in nature, in pattern, texture and light.


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